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Price list for our Greek sailing holidays

In the table below you can find the prices of our holiday is Hungarian Forint (HUF). If you have any questions about our prices, what's include, our terms and conditions or anything else, be sure to call our friendly office team on 020 497 18 02 or contact us through Facebook or e-mail

Last Minute Offer and Special Weeks

26th-29th May – Ft56000 off, from Ft251000 for just Ft195000
2nd-5th June – Ft46000 off, from Ft276000 for just Ft230000
24th June – Special Live Music Special Week
All June Special offer - Ft30000 off when room allocated upon arrival

Enjoy lower flight prices

We now allow holidays to start on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, allowing you to take advantage of some of the really great flight deals currently available. See the up-to-date flight price indication in our price list and save on your holiday cost!

All offers subject to availability at time of booking. Please call Klaus Gerasch on 020 497 18 02 if you have any question or would like to make a booking.

Wildwind sailing arguably offers you the best beach-based dinghy and catamaran sailing holiday in all of Europe. Book early, especially in high season, as places are limited and we tend to be fully booked most of the season.

Holiday starting date 7 nights excluding flights 14 nights excluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
251000 195000 387000 57000
276000 230000 396000 58000 432 See airports
301000 406000 62000
309000 420000 66000
316000 438000 70000 432 See airports
322000 467000 75000
329000 502000 78000 509 See airports
329000 515000 81000 432 See airports
329000 515000 81000 394 See airports
329000 515000 81000 365 See airports
329000 515000 81000 375 See airports
329000 515000 81000 375 See airports
322000 441000 81000 384 See airports
288000 396000 68000 384 See airports
273000 370000 63000 394 See airports
243000 352000 58000 375 See airports
223000 304000 53000 356 See airports
200000 288000 50000
189000 0 0

Free as the Wind allows you to combine sailing and windsurfing in one holiday. The windsurfing is organised in conjunction with the Club Vassiliki windsurfing school located right next to Wildwind on the beach of Vassiliki. Free as the Wind allows you to chop and change as much as you wish between sailing and windsurfing.

Holiday starting date 7 nights excluding flights 14 nights excluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
324000 533000 57000
350000 543000 58000 432 See airports
375000 553000 62000
382000 566000 66000
388000 585000 70000 432 See airports
396000 614000 75000
403000 649000 78000 509 See airports
408000 659000 81000 432 See airports
408000 659000 81000 394 See airports
408000 659000 81000 365 See airports
408000 659000 81000 375 See airports
408000 659000 81000 375 See airports
396000 588000 81000 384 See airports
360000 543000 68000 384 See airports
347000 517000 63000 394 See airports
317000 499000 58000 375 See airports
296000 451000 53000 356 See airports
273000 0 50000
0 0 0

Wildwind Adventures is the ultimate water sports sampler for adventurous families! Try sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, sea kayaking and mountain biking, all in one holiday.

Holiday starting date 7 nights excluding flights 14 nights excluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
269000 421000 57000
294000 431000 58000 432 See airports
319000 441000 62000
327000 454000 66000
334000 472000 70000 432 See airports
340000 502000 75000
347000 537000 78000 509 See airports
347000 550000 81000 432 See airports
347000 550000 81000 394 See airports
347000 550000 81000 365 See airports
347000 550000 81000 375 See airports
347000 550000 81000 375 See airports
340000 476000 81000 384 See airports
306000 431000 68000 384 See airports
291000 405000 63000 394 See airports
261000 387000 58000 375 See airports
241000 339000 53000 356 See airports
218000 322000 50000
207000 0 0

Healthy Options offers a diverse holiday with Yoga, Pilates and fitness classes and a number of extra activities.

Holiday starting date 7 nights excluding flights 14 nights excluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
203000 170000 316000 57000
207000 322000 58000 432 See airports
215000 334000 62000
223000 342000 66000
236000 195000 352000 70000 432 See airports
268000 225000 370000 75000
281000 395000 78000 509 See airports
288000 395000 81000 432 See airports
288000 395000 81000 394 See airports
288000 395000 81000 365 See airports
288000 395000 81000 375 See airports
288000 380000 81000 375 See airports
268000 342000 81000 384 See airports
243000 316000 68000 384 See airports
227000 309000 63000 394 See airports
215000 297000 58000 375 See airports
207000 288000 53000 356 See airports
197000 281000 50000
189000 n/a n/a

All prices are per person in Hungarian Forint (HUF) based on two people sharing a room.

What's included in our holiday prices?

All prices are in Hungarian Forint based on 2 persons sharing a room. Solo travellers using a solo room have to pay a weekly single room supplement. Prices in the table are for our cheapest accommodation options, the panel below shows supplements for other room choices. Prices include accommodation and the relevant activity programme including hire of boats and other sports equipment, as well as all tuition and instruction required. Flight prices given are an indication of current market prices based on publicly available sources; we have last updated them on . Flight prices are subject to change. Ask you agent if you like assistance in selecting or booking your flight.

Room choices and upgrades supplements

All our rooms have en suite shower and bathroom, except certain linked rooms where two bedrooms share one bathroom. Moreover, all rooms have a balcony or terrace, mini-fridge, kettle and air conditioning. Some rooms offer extra space, a stunning sea or mountain view, or the ability to connect two rooms together. For these rooms an upgrade supplement will be applicable. Supplement prices are per person per week, based on two people sharing a room.

Please Note: For single occupancy of rooms the above supplements are doubled as well as the addition of the sole occupancy supplement.

Standard Ground Floor Ft0/week
Standard First Ft9500/week
Standard Ground Floor Seafacing Ft14000/week
Standard First Seafacing Ft26500/week
Standard Plus First floor Ft41480/week
Ground Floor Studios & Apartments Ft0/week
First Floor Apartments Ft0/week

Solo travellers

We love solo travellers and we always have many! However, if you’re coming by yourself, there are a few things you should know. Because our price list is based on two people sharing a room, a supplement will be charged for solo use of a double room. You can find the supplement price per week in our price table above. On top of that, any room upgrade applicable will be doubled as well.

Are you willing to share? That would make things easier (and cheaper)! If you are travelling by yourself and would like to share a room with another guest of the same gender, you can save the cost of both the single room supplements and any double room upgrade supplement that may apply. Simply mention that you are willing to share when making your booking.

Kids’ discount

A child between 2 and 17 years old who stays in a separate room with one paying adult or one or two other children receives a discount of Ft46500 for a one week, or Ft75500 for a two week holiday. One child in a room of his or her own will be classed as an adult, not receive a discount and will need to pay a single room supplement. If your child under 7 is too young to participate in one of our programmes, please call us for a special discount.

Infants who are under 2 years old at the date of return from a holiday that includes a flight and who do not require their own seat on the aircraft pay only Ft18500 per week or Ft26500 for two weeks. This includes resort transfers and cot hire for the holiday duration.

All children between 7 and 17 have free access to our Kids Club.

Your holiday is protected

All the flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. Our ATOL number is 9464 (download our ATOL certificate here). When you pay for your holiday, you will be supplied with an ATOL certificate. Please ask for it and check to ensure that it is correct. Please see our booking conditions for further information. For more information about financial protection and the ATOL certificate please www. atol.org.uk.

Damage and Loss Waiver

A damage and loss waiver charge of Ft8000 is applied for all participants of our Wildwind Sailing, Wildwind Adventures and Free as the Wind programmes. This covers any accidental damage you may do to our sailing boats and equipment and it means you will not be charged locally for any such damage.

Deposit and conditions

For each booking, a deposit of Ft45000 is required. Holiday balance payments are due no later than 9 weeks prior to travel. Where the booking is made inside 9 weeks before the start of your holiday, the full balance will be due on booking. In circumstances where flights are other than our normal flight allocations are used the balance payment may be earlier – details will be given on booking.

Please download the full Terms and Conditions for our holidays.